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What Does Accountability Mean in Education

Saturday, July 7th, 2018

One of the most common questions that every parent has when it comes to education is “Is my child learning?” and that is a very normal question to ask because parents are just concerned about the well-being of their child. unfortunately, the only way to really find out if their child is actually learning at school is through something that is called responsibility and accountability. The responsibility part is for the parent because it is their responsibility to set a high bar for their child. Another responsibility of a parent is to set a high bar for the teacher that will be educating their child because they are the ones who will have a direct impact on the child’s success.

The teachers are also held accountable for everything they will teach your children, so they should be given some credit because they are providing your child with so much information and knowledge that will, later on, be very helpful.


For all the people who still don’t know what accountability really means for education, we suggest that you read this article to find it out. Accountability is considered to be a key element when it comes to the success of your children. Also, it is very important to know who is accountable in what situation. We always have to be able to determine who is to be held accountable for certain actions. For example, a school is held accountable for a student performance because it is their responsibility to educate that student.

In case a student isn’t educated the right way the only one who will be held accountable will be the school. Even though it might have been a teacher’s fault, the entire school will be held accountable for those actions. What you might not even know about this is that the law requires from states to collect the data of students and schools that are having difficulty reaching the standards. In other words, collecting information about schools that have failing students.

Improved Performance

As you might know by now, schools and teachers can be held accountable for educating your child. that’s why every school and teacher that is working with kids will try their best to improve the performance of those kids. The more they succeed to improve the performance of those children, the better the results will be, and they won’t have to deal with failing students. Of course, almost every school has some students that are slower than others and they need more time to understand something. For them, in order to learn what other kids are learning, the teachers need to prepare some special programs. No matter how difficult it might seem to teach some children, it is possible you just have to find the right angle to approach those students.


AccountabilityWhat is quality in education? That is one great question because people seem to have a very hard time explaining it. Well, luckily for you we have the answer for you and we are going to share it with you. Accountability and quality of education are very similar and can be connected. When teaching students, the most important thing for the teachers is to find the right way to communicate with those children. If the teacher fails to do so, everything they try to teach will be for nothing because students won’t pay any attention. There has to be some type or level of educational quality in every classroom. With the right level and type of quality, teachers can actually achieve their goals and educate the students. Teachers are always held accountable, so they have to do everything in their power to create productive students.