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Educational Leadership Books

Monday, June 18th, 2018

When it comes to being a leader a lot of people want to take that spot, but in reality, only a very small number of them actually can be a leader because it is not easy. To be a leader, you either must have that leadership mentality or you have to learn how to become one. There are some people who are just born to be leaders and they don’t need any books or guides to read, but that is very rare. That’s why some of them have decided to write books about this subject to share the secrets that helped them become a natural leader.

We have created this article to help you save time because there are far too many books about leadership and if you don’t know which one to read, you will end up wasting a lot of your time. There are a few books that are worth reading that are actually educational and you can learn a lot from them. We have created this short list and we believe that if you take our advice you will have a lot of fun reading.

Finding Your Leadership Style: A Guide for Educators, by Jeffrey Glanz

This book is definitely one of the topmost educational books about leadership that is highly recommended for educators. In case you are an educator yourself, then we strongly suggest that you start off with this book because you will learn a lot of interesting things about leadership that you never knew before. One of the things that Jefferey Glanz talks about in this book is that everyone is capable of being a leader even those who think they can’t. This book can teach you how to gather your strengths and turn them into something effective such as leadership.

Schools of Fish! , by Phillip Strand

Schools of Fish!This book is arguably one of the most common books that every successful educator has read. If you want to be a good educator and a good leader, then this is a must-read. There are all kinds of principles that re-divided into sections in order to make everything more interesting and easier to understand. You will also find all types of inspirational stories that will teach you valuable lessons. To be a leader, you must learn how to motivate yourself and that is something that you can learn from reading this book.