Stages of Reading Process

When it comes to reading books, one of the things that most people don’t follow correctly is the reading process. That’s right, if you want to read a book correctly, you have to follow these five stages. This is something that you will most likely learn in school, but not that many people actually remember to follow these stages. We want to remind people of these stages and also to educate those who never heard about them before. This is a very easy and effective way to read, that’s why we strongly suggest you stay here and learn.

Stage 1- Prereading

The first stage is very important, and you should skip it because it has some key elements that will, later on, become very helpful. One of the things is to introduce some new keywords into the vocabulary from the book. This way you won’t get confused when you hear new and complicated words. Also, you can get some information about the book before you actually read it, this will be like a great way to build a foundation from where you can start off.

Stage 2- Reading

The second stage is where all the fun begins, you actually start reading the book. Now you should have all the necessary information that you need about the book and the new words. You can now use any type of reading strategy that you might have. Also, this stage will require you to read the whole text from the beginning to the end. That’s right, you have to finish the piece that you are reading and then continue to the next stage.

Stage 3- Responding

The third stage of the reading process is responding and as you might have guessed, the person who was reading now has to respond to what he/she has read. You can write down on a piece of paper what you have learned from reading the book or how did it affect you.

Stage 4- Exploring

Reading ProcessThis fourth stage is very important because it requires the reader to go back to the certain part of the text and analyze it in depth. This way, the reader can improve the vocabulary and learn about each new word individually. It is also recommended to examine the style of writing that was used by the author of the book. This stage shouldn’t be any problem because it is very easy and simple to understand, you can even guess it by the name exploring.

Stage 5- Applying

The final stage or the fifth stage is the part of the process where the reader needs to create projects. They can even evaluate the reading experience or compare it with some other similar book. This is a very similar stage to the third one because you also look back to what you have understood from the book. Once you completed all of these stages, you have correctly read the book and there is no chance that something from the book has slipped past you.


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