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Types of Education

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

As we all might know, education is a key factor in our lives because it gives us the chance to learn something new in order to fit into society. Of course, the most important part of education such as reading, writing is called the basic type of education because that is something everyone must learn. One of the things that you might not know about education is that there are several types of education, three to be exact.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard from them, it is normal because people usually use only one type. That’s why we designed this article to be able to show you and explain the importance of these types. If you want to learn more detailed information about educational types, then please continue reading. We truly hope that you like and appreciate this article because we have put a lot of time and effort into creating it.

Formal Education

EducationThe most common type of education all around the world is definitely the formal education and there is a high chance that you have used this type to get your education. We believe that you already know what formal education is and how it works, but just in case some people need detailed information, we will give it to you. Formal education is the education that you get in schools, where people can learn everything from the most essential basics to some academic skills.

You can say that formal education starts when a child first goes to a kindergarten, but most people don’t feel that way. The majority agrees that this formal education begins in elementary school because that is the place where children will get to learn all the basic literacy skills. This formal education has a certain set of rules and regulations that both the children and teachers need to obey. With this type of education, it is required that the person who is teaching the children has some type of qualification that will allow them to work with kids.

Informal Education

Informal education is the second type and it can mean various things, that’s why it needs to be explained the right way. When a parent teaches his child how to ride a bike or to do similar things that are considered informal education. Your child will learn something new that will help them in life, but it wasn’t formal teaching. This type of learning does not require kids to go to school or to use some type of learning method. Parents can use this type of education anywhere, as long as their child will learn. It is best described as sharing life experiences that will benefit their life in the community.

Non-Formal education

This type of education can be used by people (adults) who weren’t attending school, but still can learn the basics such as literacy skills. Also learning from your computer with some online teacher or from instructions is also considered to be non-formal education.